Safety Is Our Top Priority

To Atrix Trucking Corp. safety is the highest priority. We believe safety is the responsibility of everyone in the company.

Community Responsibility

Our primary focus has always been the safety of our employees, customers and motoring public. The policies, procedures and programs that govern Atrix Trucking reflect the importance of safety in our corporate culture. We have a formal, written safety program that begins with the recruiting and hiring process.

Safety Culture

The Atrix Safety Program is designed to:

  • Create and maintain high standards in employee selection
  • Provide initial and ongoing safety training
  • Maintain a safe working environment
  • Incentivize excellent safety performance
  • Eliminate unsafe acts through corrective action
  • Avoid loss and waste due to preventable incidents and/or accidents
  • Reduce insurance expenses through a proven track record of safe performance

Our Core Values

We strive to deliver the best driver, employee, and customer experience through our core values of innovation, consistency, and empowerment. We endeavor to create a better trucking company by listening to our customers, drivers, and employees.

Atrix Trucking Corp.